The webinar was successful and received a lot of great feedback. Dr. Hardy convinced with his precise, clear and very structured manner. In a high didactic quality he showed us different cases and thus illustrated the inner pattern of insect topics.

If you would like to see the webinar - the recordings of it are still available - for registration -

Insect remedies are under-prescribed – often we prescribe a bird or drug remedy when it should be an insect. Insect remedy themes of materialism, relentless work and consumerism are prevalent in the present day and these remedies are increasingly needed.

Most animals on the planet are insects. There is an incredible variety and we will look at remedies from a number of different subclasses. We will get an understanding of the themes common in Insect cases generally - in particular those of restless activity, ambition and the urge for transformation into something better – metamorphosis.

We will also investigate the specific themes of various Insect Orders, including Diptera (Flies), Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths), Dictyoptera (Cockroaches), Hymenoptera (Bees and Ants) and Orthoptera (Locusts).

The different groups will be illustrated with case examples which will include Blatta orientalis (Cockroach), Musca domestica (Housefly), Culex Musca (Mosquito), Coccus cacti (Cochineal), Schistocerca gregaria (Plague Locust), Honeybee (Apis mellifica), Red Ant (Formica rufa), Calopteryx splendens (Damselfly) and Limenitis (California Sister butterfly).
Cases will be on video, edited for brevity and clarity.

We will study the Insect state at sensation level (feeling small, dirty, cheap and trampled on) and see how this beautifully complements our traditional methods of repertorization and study of the materia medica and provings.

To cover all this we will need to manifest the Insect theme of intense activity, but it should be fun!


Dr. Jonathan Hardy qualified as a zoologist in 1978 and as a doctor in 1984. He went on to study homeopathy and has been in full time homeopathic practice since 1986.
He is the Wessex Regional Tutor for the Faculty of Homeopathy, organizing postgraduate training in Homeopathy for doctors in the region. He serves as the Independent Practitioners' Representative on the Faculty Council.

He gives seminars on various aspects of Homeopathic practice throughout the UK and Europe.

It is a pleasure to learn from him. His clear analysis and his extensive and differentiated knowledge of a huge variety of remedies makes him a really good teacher.


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